The Great Bond Bubble

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  1. 10 year note yield chart
  2. japanese - german - USA - UK - Australia

    order of increasing yields on 10 years.
  3. 1) When will the FED go on a tightening spree? :confused: :eek:
    2) When will the world abandon the dollar? :eek: :confused:
  4. if you look at japan, could mean US rates narrow the gap..

    the world wide bond market has sucked in most public/private cash holdings. Its the market that when it turns will burn the most number of people.

    but if central banks are buying each others debt, bond prices keep rising. Its been a good thing for any fiscally irresponsible nation to continue the modus operandi..

    what will shift the tide?

    - rebooting the economy with inflationary growth
    - default risk
    - debt downgrades
    - central bank policy shift
    - trade barriers(protectionism)
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