"The Government" Does Not Exist

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tigerjaw, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. IMO we often spend far too much time focused on what 'the government' will or will not do - - - without realizing that 'the government' is merely a concept. When we speak of 'the government' what are we really talking about ? Is it all the government employees - - including the thousands of mail carriers delivering our letters & bills ? Of course not. We are talking about those individuals who we turn over the power to make many life or death personal life decisions for us. That is, we are talking about politicians (often lawyer/liars),- and career bureaucrats who couldnt make it in the private sector.
    Even if some politician or bureaucrat is some kind of genius - do you really think they have more at stake in your own personal & family decisions that you have ? And are you willing to just roll over because this year the Demo-publican happens to have an R or D after their name which matches the letter you identify with (even though you get screwed no matter who is in the musical chair this year) ?
    Language & unexamined custom are pesky tools for controlling others. Define the argument and you have won half the battle. Use all sorts of intellectual arguments & chincanery to fool the citizenry (including the warrior class enforcers made up of soldiers & policemen) and you can control a nation. Just provide the illusion of the 'vote' and they'll readily go along with their own brand of slavery. Of course as an 'elite' you control the media, so the voters choices are only surface deep and of little consequence. - - -