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  1. Has anyone tried out Gorilla Trades? And what do you think about it? I tried it and really did not make any money, I thinks I trades about 2 or 3 of there recommendations.
  2. Here's a good rule-of-thumb for ya:

    Any company that advertises AGGRESSIVELY in Investor's Business Daily is not a business to do business with.
  3. Why? I have never tried it, and have no reason to. But your rule-of-thumb makes no sense.
  4. I would go even farther. Any really good advisor or manager has people beating down his/her door begging them to take their money. 'They do not have to adverstise at all.
  5. Experience. All of Life is a Trade.

    Sometimes ya gotta go with your gut.

    I have another quirky rule:

    Never Do Business with any Entity or Individual based in Florida.
  6. Everyday Gorilla trades sends me emails, giving me different discounts package, to be hones am tire of it.. It seem there to desperate or their are razing capital for a new venture.
  7. their stocks usually gap-up after their alerts as all the retail investors put in their buy orders before they leave for work. it might be worth it to get a subscription just to fade the morning gap....
  8. First started trading equities thru IBD.

    My newbie 'brilliant' plan was to trade all stocks (mostly Naz listed) SmartSelect rated 99 only.

    All the other noobs probably had the same idea.

    Purchased a few trading systems from their Classifieds.

    Overpriced garbage. Welcome to the world of Snake Oil.

    Turns out my best equity trades are still highly rated by IBD (but not too high) but no one has discovered them yet. When these stocks make it to the IBD top 3, It is time to get out.
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    You can get all their crap on the yahoo boards for free just befriend some chump with a subscription to vectovest or whatever. If you like being told what to trade better to take it from a real life loser. No reason to pay for it !! :eek: :D
  10. Honesty is the best policy!
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