The GOP Is Slitting Their Own Throats With Amnesty

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    Democrats terrify Hispanics into thinking they'll be lynched if they vote for Republicans, and then turn around and taunt Republicans for not winning a majority of the Hispanic vote.

    This line of attack has real resonance with our stupidest Republicans. (Proposed Republican primary targets: Sens. Kelly Ayotte, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio.) Which explains why Republicans are devoting all their energy to slightly increasing their share of the Hispanic vote while alienating everyone else in America.

    It must be fun for liberals to manipulate Republicans into focusing on hopeless causes. Why don't Democrats waste their time trying to win the votes of gun owners?

    As journalist Steve Sailer recently pointed out, the Hispanic vote terrifying Republicans isn't that big. It actually declined in 2012. The Census Bureau finally released the real voter turnout numbers from the last election, and the Hispanic vote came in at only 8.4 percent of the electorate -- not the 10 percent claimed by the pro-amnesty crowd.

    The sleeping giant of the last election wasn't Hispanics; it was elderly black women, terrified of media claims that Republicans were trying to suppress the black vote and determined to keep the first African-American president in the White House.

    Contrary to everyone's expectations, 10 percent more blacks voted in 2012 compared to 2008, even beating white voters, the usual turnout champions. Eligible black voters turned out at rate of 66.2 percent, compared to 64.1 percent of eligible white voters. Only 48 percent of all eligible Hispanic voters went to the polls.

    No one saw this coming, which is probably why Gallup had Romney up by 5 points before Hurricane Sandy hit, and up by 1 point in its last pre-election poll after the hurricane.

    Only two groups voted in larger numbers in 2012 compared to 2008: blacks aged 45-64, and blacks over the age of 65 -- mostly elderly black women.

    In raw numbers, nearly twice as many blacks voted as Hispanics, and nine times as many whites voted as Hispanics. (Ninety-eight million whites, 18 million blacks and 11 million Hispanics.)

    So, naturally, the Republican Party's entire battle plan going forward is to win slightly more votes from 8.4 percent of the electorate by giving them something they don't want.

    As Byron York has shown, even if Mitt Romney had won 70 percent of the Hispanic vote, he still would have lost. No Republican presidential candidate in at least 50 years has won even half of the Hispanic vote.

    In the presidential election immediately after Reagan signed an amnesty bill in 1986, the Republican share of the Hispanic vote actually declined from 37 percent to 30 percent -- and that was in a landslide election for the GOP. Combined, the two Bush presidents averaged 32.5 percent of the Hispanic vote -- and they have Hispanics in their family Christmas cards.

    John McCain, the nation's leading amnesty proponent, won only 31 percent of the Hispanic vote, not much more than anti-amnesty Romney's 27 percent.

    Amnesty is a gift to employers, not employees.

    The (pro-amnesty) Pew Research Hispanic Center has produced poll after poll showing that Hispanics don't care about amnesty. In a poll last fall, Hispanic voters said they cared more about education, jobs and health care than immigration. They even care more about the federal budget deficit than immigration! (To put that in perspective, the next item on their list of concerns was "scratchy towels.")

    Also, note that Pew asked about "immigration," not "amnesty." Those Hispanics who said they cared about immigration might care about it the way I care about it -- by supporting a fence and E-Verify.

    Who convinced Republicans that Hispanic wages aren't low enough and what they really need is an influx of low-wage workers competing for their jobs?

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    The GOP needs to be replaced with a true conservative party. Too bad the system has been corrupted to the point it literally cannot happen.
  3. The ONLY way any political party is going to supplant the Dems is to GIVE AWAY MORE FREEBIES than the Dems. What would such a party be called??

    America has passed the "point of no return" on Socialism. We will get more and more Socialistic/Communistic/Marxist until the makers take up arms and march in the streets. Sad.... what greed and lust for power has done to our formerly great country.

  4. "The sleeping giant of the last election wasn't Hispanics".
    It wasn't old balck ladies either. It was, is, and always has been apathetic white voters who sit on the couch by the millions. They know they're fucked either way it goes, so why bother. Win them, you win in a landslide, but they won't be falling for the typical political bullshit as easily as ignorant and frightened minorities. It will take something that's on short supply, politically speaking. A leader with balls. Not a one in the crowd at the moment.
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    The Freebie Party?
  6. jem


    your analysis about whites staying home last election was true.
    was it also because obama spent a billion dollars lying about romney.

    I also complete agree about the need for a leader.
  7. I can give you a very short answer to how so many elderly black women magically voted.

    Vote fraud. Everyone knows it was widespread last election. It's easiest to pull off in corrupt democrat-controlled areas, ie where there are lots of elderly black women.
  8. The statement below is appropriate for this thread as well as others concerning our criminally corrupt government. The nation is lost and there will be no revolution in the true sense of the word. I'm with Tsing and others at this point. Take care of your own and let the chips fall where they may. Fuck'em!

    "Rather than opposing the prevailing paradigm of the elites, perhaps the most revolutionary thing to do is to encourage them, in their hubris, to march straight over that cliff."
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    That's too bad.
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    That's a fact! And can you believe even Fox only gave a 30 second clip to this??? The rest of the msm of course, wouldn't touch it. I'm willing to say, the voter fraud ran into the millions of votes for Otyrant. Absolutely mind mending that we still call this mess America. :mad:
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