The GOP is just plain dumb

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  1. So, after playing here in the fight club sandbox for two years. Let me tell you why the GOP cannot, and will not, win a general election. Based on the views of posters here.

    Blacks: They all vote democrat. And no wonder. Blacks are all welfare queens and criminals in the eyes of much of the GOP, and you Neocons in libertarian drag.

    Next Bloc: White women. To quote one poster, women vote socialism. Yep, that's how you convince a voting block to vote for your platform:D

    Next bloc: Hispanics. Mittens said he would veto the "dream act". Nuff said.

    Next bloc: Gays....never in play.

    Next bloc: White men. The GOP has quite successfully defined "man" as a Dodge Ram driving, deer hunting, factory working male who must be a member of the NRA. Well, this right here gentlemen is why when this election is over you will have once again won vast swaths of land in the South and the Mountain West, where nobody lives, but lost the election itself.

    You guys have gotten away from Reagan's big tent and gone back to your Southern Strategy roots.

    And this is why the mainline GOP is insisting that Romney is the GOP nominee, in the hopes that the party will regain it's senses.

    But, alas, the general population now knows that the GOP base ( the real GOP) does not want Romney, and they know why.:)
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    Max E.

    I see its back to the race hustling/trolling for you , you really are a far left 1 trick liberal pony. Al Sharpton, and the rest of your girlfriends down at MSNBC have taught you well.
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    So much for those new years resolutions. :)
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    Max E.

    Well dont they say the average New Years resolution only lasts about a month?? I guess RCG is below average.

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    In more ways than one.
  6. I don't like the name calling, but I do feel that the GOP has been really shooting themselves in the proverbial foot. The divisive tone is really backfiring on them, especially within their presidential hopeful ranks.

    I wonder if there is any real chance that posters could or would be completely honest in making bets vs what they spout as bias rhetoric?

    Anyone bet the same way as far as what they wish would happen vs what they would bet on?

    Romney to win GoP
    Romney to beat Obama
    Paul to beat Romney for GoP
    Paul to beat Obama

    Wildcards could be Santorum, both bets and that's about all that's viable at this point in time. Or not? Make similar bets on someone else?


  7. You left out two critical factors:

    1) White men, in addition to what you wrote, ALL have the glove boxes in their trucks filled with Moon Pies that may rot their teeth but will give them more than enough energy to guarantee they'll vote.

    2) Obama's done worse than Jimmy Carter.
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    Has anyone figured out what the purpose of this thread is yet?
  9. Dispute the OP, you can't, can you:D
  10. They don't have an answer.
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