The Goog short- Heres why....

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Is Goog a viable growth story still

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  1. The Goog story will be a wasteland when they new DTV conversion comes on board and they lose ad revenues due to the new DTV ad targeting technology. As the convergence f TV and the net happen as with fios they lose money.

    They have new software that looks at similar content and disables it and this is causing alot of people to go elsewhere to host their videos. When you piss off the content producers you affect their mood and they move on. Also now that Ad revenue is down 30% or more across the board it will affect their bottomline. Pay attention to the Short Interest and if it goes higher over the next quarter then we should get on board. I also think that The MSFT Yahoo deal may be a killer for GOOG.

    Its now 365 Could go to 200 by next year... Its P/E is 27 and i think the growth of it is gone with all the facebooks and Twitters eating away at its core group.


    Any thoughts pro or con would be welcome. I know many people love this stock but it seems like they are losing their mojo.
  2. I haven't followed this stock too closely so my opinion is somewhat uneducated. I am curious, who is the major competitor(s) to GOOG that threaten their grip on internet advertising?
  3. IMO it was an exceptional short around $700. :)

    If the market moves higher it will take GOOG with it. No matter the particular GOOG fundamentals. Any shorting should be timed with the market as well.
  4. wave


    Once we break back down to 250 again, GOOG target is 122.
  5. Search for the thread "GOOG Suckers".
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    The days of google being $700, $800 and even a $1000 are over, Google isnt worth anything more than $40 or 50 bucks a share, its complete driven hype and I can guarantee that google will be trading under its pre ipo prices sometime over the next 2 years.