The good ol' Days of the stock tip

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  1. What if someone that you respected very much that was a personal friend of yours approached you with a tip? Say he was 70 years old and worth a liquid mid 8 figures. Lets say I made him some money in currencies once and we just held contact over the years.

    Say this tip was a worldwide patent issued with a US government contract pending in 12 months. Lets value the acquired bid award to be in 8 figures followed by yearly increases.

    Without discussing this further would you be in?

    I sound like I am spamming but this is personal business of mine and no you cannot get in. I have my PM's turned do not even try.

    I just would like to know what some of you would do..
  2. I'd immediately stop posting hypothetical questions on a public web site providing an easy and direct link to me having insider information.

    - Spydertrader
  3. This is not a stock. The last partnership he did was the construction project in downtown Denver at several hundred million...He offered to let me in 4 years ago, and I declined.

    Well I would not like to think about it or talk about it.

    Lets say his son now drives a few nice cars and he showed one of the checks to me..(I touched it) from Chase Manhattan Bank for 7 million and some dollars.
  4. I noticed in life tips are a sucker’s game. Most people end up losing but that does not mean you will. If it was that good of a tip he would never tell you and you would have never asked about it on here. I would rather buy someone a nice present then tell them about real Gordon Gecko illegal shit.
  5. Then, stick with what you know. Judging from your Forex System results, you appear to have a knack for making money in that market. With time, confidence and experience (and maybe pushing the edge ever so slightly forward) you should end up a wealthy individual. Why veer of the path now - just as you start to really make some good money?

    - Spydertrader
  6. Spydertrader,

    Well I know you are speaking the truth as you have never held back.

    Once a trader always a trader. I honestly posted my question here in ET as I have really no other way to ask anonymously anywhere else.

    Over all these years, I have made and lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. But one thing for sure, I do not freak out and I have kept that 1990 Plymouth Voyager with simulated wood grain siding.

    Spydertrader I have no plans to stop my system or my contribution here. I am a self made man and I know that no one will help me. I am very conservative as you know, so when I others it is not a push at all.

    You know through all of this, all I can think about is how the extra capital would help my system.

    Michael B.

  7. I for one think you’re great I think of you kind of like a Kramer character. I always love when you bring up the 1990 Voyager with simulated wood grain. I can truly see you as a self made man.
  8. Now this seems like a legit tip worth taking. Anyone can END up wealthy!!! But, can you be wealthy enough to donate it to charities and save --illions of taxes along with it? probably, if you can do both the partnership/tip and your currency trading along with it.

    Go for it Savant.. you got my blessing.
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  10. yes
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