The GOOD news America

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Joab, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. Joab



    Bush is out in a few more months.

    The absolute "worst" president ever in your history.

    I for one can't wait till Canada is considered a "friendly" nation again and we are not treated like dirt at the borders.
  2. Lets pray it won't be obama in his place
  3. Traber


    Amazing that he still fucks up this bad with so little time left.
  4. Bush has been on an egomaniacal trip since day 1 in office. It's been "all about him" regardless of the expense to the American people.

    Unfortunately, whoever replaces him won't be worth "two dead flies", either. What a shame...
  5. moarla


    all the world is praying for obama... :)

    McCain is a veteran... BUT THATS IT!!! Is that the right qualification for the president of the USA???

    Stupid veterans, going to war ... for what???

    But no problem: if you make an other wrong decision, good for the other countrys: we will buy every bank and every company, that you have

  6. Humpy


    Somebody should write a book/film entitled " How the West was lost " starring George W. Bush
  7. Joab



    How about :

    The idiots guide to completely fucking up a country and selling out it's people.
  8. Boy George W. found it easier to believe than to think.
  9. You can't have the GOOD times without embracing the bad times! Go Bush :p
  10. some people are just clueless :confused:

    What a moron
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