The "Gold Mine" Called QQQQ Options

Discussion in 'Options' started by increasenow, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. QQQQ options are literally unbelievable...great to day or swingtrade (buy one day and sell the next)...they have HUGE volume, TIGHT bid/ask spreads and great HIGH-LOW range to get in and out with a profit...anyone day or swing trade (buy one day and sell the next day) QQQQ options...


    I made a huge gain buying QQQQ 41 puts on thursday and traded out friday morning...bought QQQQ 43 calls on Friday morning and sold out for profit...(this done on realtime quote feed optionsxpress virtual trader)...gotta love QQQQ options...HUGE VOLUme AND GREAT LIQUIDITY...anyone here trade them???
  2. i trade SPY options

    close enough
  3. You have only discovered QQQQ options now? What took you so long? Did the daily volume of about 600 million QQQQ's a few weeks ago get your attention?