The Godfather has kicked

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  1. RIP James Brown, dead at 73 . I knew him when he was a janitor at a North Georgia High School. What a life...:(
  2. Powerhouse performer. No question about that title of hardest working man in show biz.

    Think about it -- he was in his 50s when he got that PCP and weapons charge. Not a one of the older bad boys I know of has that kind of stamina. :D
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    I think his last words were "I don't feel so good..."

  4. i've asked for my above post to be deleted... until its done, click on 'pause' so only one version of this great track gets played at any one time... apols for the inconvenience
  5. Hey come on - what's going on in here? Put the song back up in this thread.

    Somebody just do it now. And maybe some Hot Pants too.

    It made my day listening to that.