The God debate to end ALL God debates

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    God or science?

    Superstition or fact?

    Jehova or Allah?

    Why is the argument consistently discussed on a philosophical angle rather than a scientific one?

    The facts are quite simple. Even the worlds most credible scientists agree there IS a God. To argue otherwise is quite ignorant.

    I put it to you that if you could calculate the probability that we are here by chance, through evolution, etc (i.e. trying to prove a hypothesis that there is NO God). The findings are that for us to be here, in the world we live in, with all it's intertwining relationships that support each other so perfectly will give a number that is so minute that we would have to disregard the probability that there is/was no 'grand creator'. It just cannot be so.

    Given the age of the earth that is known scientifically (not the 10,000 years or how ever long the fundamentalists who miss interpret the Bible IMO), there simply hasnt been enough time to allow for the speed of development of any species, yet alone the evolution mankind has witnessed in his very short space of time.

    So, for all you atheists who love to fall back on science, I fear you really need a sanity check and to do your homework before using science and math to back your claims of no God. I put it to you that science actually PROVES the existence of God.

    I put it you the reason why there are so many unbelievers is because of some miss interpretations of the Bible, often used by people for their own ends (such as fundamentalism) that turns people off. Oddly enough, the Bible actually states this will happen. There are countless other prophesies in the Bible that have proved themselves oover the course of history due to the very nature of mankind. Funny how the author (God - or humans to the non-believers) knew so much about human nature, biology and science in a time when there is no way we could have learnt such knowledge ourselves. Where did that knowledge come from?
  2. bullshit. you dont seem intelligent enough to really get into a debate about this subject. maybe its the crack in your pipe.
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    Has a writing style kind of like pspr's, or peil's...
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    My, my! thats quite a claim from someone with 10,000 posts to his name in over 10 years! Talking of intelligence, if you had any you wouldnt be wasting your life away as a career internet troll, you would have a wider vocabulary, wouldnt feel the need to cuss.

    Interesting that you have no constructive counter comment, just base language and resentment.

  5. you are not very bright are you? lets take this statement:"Funny how the author (God - or humans to the non-believers) knew so much about human nature, biology and science in a time when there is no way we could have learnt such knowledge ourselves. Where did that knowledge come from?"

    in the bible there are all kinds of rules about what to eat and what to wear. silly stuff about not wearing two kinds of cloth together ect.
    and yet since the bible was written multi millions have died from bad water. evidently your god wasnt smart enough to put a rule in the bible that says"thou shall boil the water".
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    Well a nice attempt, but you could do better.

    And what were humans supposed to boil water in during the stone age?

    However, God did give us the knowledge to produce wine, and that would be safe to drink. Interestingly, this brings us back to the probability issue. What is the chance of man discovering how to ferment wine on his own in such a short space of time??? Especially if he's dropping dead from unclean water every other day?

    Humans tend to only drink unclean water, or water they are uncertain about in desperate times. You have to ask yourself why they have fallen on desperate times.

    For someone who likes to condemn others, I really would have thought you would have realised this clearly obvious answer yourself.

    I hope you get the strength to own up to your weaknesses and go back to junior school to learn the basics before embarrassing yourself any further.
  7. Amazing that you spent most of your life as a believer before you became an atheist and you never bothered to find out why those rules existed. Everything the Israelites were told not to eat was so that they could live longer healthier lives. People who eat alot of pork for instance tend to get sick more often, get high blood pressure, ect. Wearing specific clothes and having your hair cut a certain way was so that the isrealites would not be mistaken for other heathen tribes. Their are reasons for every wasnt just Moses sitting down one day saying "hey, lets see how much I can screw with these people"
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    If God truly existed, he would have killed off the Republican Party and raised the debt limit for the President.
  9. Stone Age? The bible, such as it is, was written no earlier than the Bronze Age. Try to get your chronology straight.
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