The Go LONG Song!

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  1. This song is dedicated to all the ET perma bulls who keep posting threads about why we are all stupid for not getting in LONG for the big breakout ---

    *** "If your LONG your WRONG" ***

    They got you "all-in"
    - it aint gonna be a win
    You were conned to be LONG
    - your not liking this song
    You took the CNBC bait
    - it was all against your fate
    As you begged for the breakout
    - broker slammed you with a margin call shake out
    Your were trapped in your LOSING positions
    - remember it was always from YOUR decisions
    The globalist's are laughing at you
    - they punked your ass and its not new
    You were always SO RIGHT
    - as the dollars in your account took flight
    Your on your last grand
    - makin your ET last stand!!!

  2. bravo :D
  3. I may be long
    but at least I have a big dong

    The market can't fail
    cause I listen to Dan Quayle

    The FED will bail me out
    I have no doubt

    Happens time and time again
    cause my name is Big Ben

    Borrow, borrow, borrow
    that is America's sorrow

    Print more money
    its not real funny

    Lower the rates
    that is the fate

    Go back to 1%
    so I can get bent

    Pump the markets up
    I don't give a fuck.

    Anywhere care for a bear rhyme?
  4. Not bad - took a while for someone else to finally jive in! :D
  5. Okay, I'm bored and the Go short song freestyle:

    Go short, short, short
    but don't yet abort

    Oh no, I have to cover
    before the summer

    Why can't we sell in May and go away
    Bulls just want to stay and pray

    Why can't these banks fail once and for all
    I want another BSC to fall!

    Die goldilox die
    I hate that Larry Kudlow guy

    Red, red, red
    I need some more bread

    Capitulate once and for all
    CNBC will cry for all and GE will continue to fall

    Where's my 401k?
    my company is so gay

    Raise the god damn rates
    please Ben shut the money flow gates

    You did it again you dumb fuck
    and lowered the rates

    It's option expiry Friday and I am deep in the money
    But Ben you did it again Thursday night
    keeping the Bulls in the fight

    Looks like I have to sell the next rally
    and you live to fight another day Sally.
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  7. Good one. :D
  8. Die banks die
    just like that Adami Guy

    Dilute and kill the common
    just like WB has done

    Bring in the foreign money
    really not that funny

    Kill the greedy Yanks
    and all their banks

    Why did I invest in banks
    cause this all stanks

    I'll catch the falling knife
    since I have no life