The Go Long at 10 am Strategy

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Pekelo, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. Pekelo


    In the last 10 days 9 times you ended up making money with this strategy, even when the market kept going generally lower. No additional thinking is involved, just watch the clock and pull the trigger.

    You heard it first.
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  2. algofy


    Which market what exit?
  3. traider


    Why make it so complicated. Just go long at end of each day. Sell position when you make 1%.

    Free $$$
  4. Reminds me of something Will Rogers once said.... "Buy a stock. When it goes up, sell. If it doesn't go up, don't buy it".
  5. Pekelo


    Nah, we had like 5 downgaps. By going long end of day you caught all of them. 10 am you missed out on most of the down move and caught the raise.

    The S&P or Nasdaq. Exit when deeply in profits...
  6. tomorton


    Isn't this equally a good argument for a trend-following long? Nasdaq printed one of my re-entry long signals on 27/09, another on 27/10, and no exit pattern yet. That's potentially 400pts plus.
  7. traider


    Down gaps don't matter. This strategy is to keep opening positions and hold each trade until it makes money.

    Bull mkt strat just like yours.
  8. tommcginnis


    The problem Pek (as I'm guessing you already know) is that this is a Big Boy Agenda, and could well be shut off at tonight's close. Watching volume will be paramount.

    The NYSE TRIN has camped out just below 1.00, so a pretty balanced day, even with high (3rd week) volume/selling/reconciliation. Which also suggests keeping powder dry-but-handy for Monday[!!!], as a change of agenda could really put some pop into things. (Which is a hilarious thought, given the VXST is kissing 8.0 on the lips, while the VIX is 11.4. THAT spells an obvious agenda! Yow! But in looking at my own little option tool, it suggests a balanced market for the next 6 weeks -- more balanced than I've seen in a while......)

    I'm trying very much not to write before Dec15.
    And actually, I'm shopping out to Jan29. (Uncommon for me.)
  9. Pekelo


    Sure, but this is not Elite Investor...

    Currently we are 2 ES points higher than at 10 am, very little but sideways consolidation was expected after yesterday's big rally.

  10. I noticed buying the QQQ and DIA on big early dips ends up making money because their so crowded.
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