The Globalization of Honey

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  1. Make of this what you will. I am batching it Turkey Day, the wife is taking care of a sick relation. The bad news is no turkey. The good news is I get to eat anything I want free of nagging that everything I like is bad for me. Hence the huge steaming hot biscuit dripping honey and sinful melted full-leaded French butter on my keyboard. It's Burleson honey, from Waxahatchie Texas, a place good for nothing much else near as I can tell. "US Grade A Fancy", the label says. I remember well the day 35 years ago when I moved to Texas and bought my first bottle of their "Pure Texas Honey." But wait! What is the fine print I see on this latest bottle? "Product of U.S.A, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Uruguay and Brazil"? Goddam NAFTA! My SUV may guzzle Venezuelan oil. My toilet paper may be made of Amazonian pulp. And my winter greens may come from Mexico. But I'll be damned if I'll eat furrin' honey with my French butter!
  2. The other day I came across a bottle of Made In India "malt whiskey" in the Scotch section.

    Need better labeling requirements...
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    I'm batching it today, too. The wife went off to see her mom in PA and I got out of it. Plus, today is my birthday.

    Just me and the dog eating our own turkey dinner. No foreign stuff here. Just a perfect day if I ignore the newly arrined cold weather.
  4. I think you are on to something there. A quick scan of my larder reveals:

    Jamaican hibiscus leaves from Mexico
    Egyptian hibiscus tea bags from the Sudan
    Vermont maple syrup from Canada.

    In the New World Economic Order we won't know where anything came from.
  5. That weather is foreign. Canadian. What brand of turkey dog food are the two of you eating? Look at the label to see where all the otherwise inedible animal parts came from.
  6. I know a Chinese guy named Rudy. :cool:
  7. This thread is proof positive that ET posters have no life. My excuse is that I am backtesting (no life) and have 20 seconds between each iteration to make typical ET quality posts. Regarding truth in labelling in trading, all I know about my counter-parties is that they must be idiots to take my trades.
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    Honey baked turkey breast. No muss no fuss. Plus a little Eukanuba canned dog food! Yummm. :D
  9. Cheap bagpipes are made in Pakistan...seriously.
  10. Isn't that the poisoned shit from China?
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