The Global Warming Scam Continues, New Outrageous Claim

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    "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - New York, Boston and other cities on North America's northeast coast could face a rise in sea level this century that would exceed forecasts for the rest of the planet if Greenland's ice sheet keeps melting as fast as it is now, researchers said on Wednesday.

    Sea levels off the northeast coast of North America could rise by 12 to 20 inches more than other coastal areas if the Greenland glacier-melt continues to accelerate at its present pace, the researchers reported."

    These wackos are claiming that the sea will rise by 12 to 20 inches more on America's shores than on the rest of the planet. Maybe Moses is going to part the Atlantic and put a disproportionate amount of water on the American side.

    In five years they will probably come out with a new story that this won't happen and it won't happen because Obama saved us all.
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    Do yourselves a favour and run a little experiment:

    - pour water water into a glass (half of glass);
    - add a few rocks of ice in the water;
    - then pour another portion of water into the glass (the whole glass will be full).

    Now watch for a few minutes as the ice changes into water. What you will see is that the level of water in your glass did not raise (no single water drop fell of the glass).

    This little physics experiment proves that a diminishing of the ice from the Earth will NOT cause the see level to go up by even 1 centimeter.

    The whole CO2 emmission programme to protect the Earth from being flooded is a scam.

  3. So i guess when i go looking for my beachfront property, i should look for land that is an extra 2 feet above see level just to be safe.
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    Even if all the Arctic ice turns into water, this will not cause the see / ocean level to increase by one milimeter. The ice has greater volume than water.

    Just do the experiment I suggested in my previous post and you will know who is right, Al Gore or the knowledge you got from your elementary school physics lessons :D