The Global Shift Of Production and Consumption

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    One should question why the money should be centered in NY or London ?

    Why should the management of the financial markets not move to Hong Kong and Singapore....?

    Make no will.....
  2. The U.S. still has the highest GDP in the world. Until we get knocked off that perch, financial market dominance stays in New York.
  3., is one of the crappiest websites ever, it is funded by governments like iran, who wish nothing but death to america, which they chant everyday at every school and work place, and is just full of shit, every news in there intends to make america look like it is going to collapse in the next 3 months

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  4. wtf is this article?;

    "It is ironic that Iran has been protected from being infected by the "Anglo disease" by the very sanctions which were aimed at damaging it. "

    iran is not protected, that country is like shit that came out of allah, only so they could shit on themselves even more

    "Most of the rest of the dollars are based on the value of carbon-based energy (notably oil), much of which originated in Iran. "


    "I believe that Iran could be the first to evolve a national equity to replace much of its conventional national debt. "

    do you even need a brain to realize what bullshit that is

    "I believe that it is possible for the Iranian people - with wise leadership, which is not lacking - to harness these energies and to self-organize within agreed frameworks to meet the global challenges we face. "

    lmao, wise leadership, who the fuck is he talking about, the pathetic man eating allah that only exists in iranian leader's nightmares, or iran's fucking ugly and shit brained leaders whom know nothing but to chant death to america

    iran is an example of failure ... oil and allah's shitty black fat are their only source of revenue and income, cut that off and they will all fucking rot from hunger