The giant learning curve

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  1. I'm currently fighting in Afghanistan and durring my off time I try to read trading books and watch trading DVDs. Is there any advice anybody can give on how to learn to trade successfully?
    Like a step-by-step process? I realize that personal experience is the best but right now I lack certain resources...
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    Give this a try:
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    Unfortunately your at a huge disadvantage without having a monitor to watch price action.

    It's all about SCREEN TIME to be a professional day trader.

    IF you wish to swing trade then you can still study charts when you have access to the net.
  5. don't buy books.

    study library books.

    open an account with scottrade but don't trade with them. use them because they don't require much cash to open an account. just use them for live stock quotes.

    download medved quote tracker. its a great platform. its free and you can use scottrade quotes with it.

    Study the indicators and learn to paper trade intraday. Then keep statistical samples of all your intraday trades. When you find a strategy that yields greater than 75% winner you've got a chance. Now concentrate on the stocks that performed best with that strategy.
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    Get familiar with bigcharts for interday trading. Its free. Then paper trade swing trades. Same rules apply.

    When you get enough cash, start trading for real.

  7. Thank you all for your advice. I have done quite a bit of trading over the past four or so months since they put in a couple of computers on post. I have QT on my external hard drive. I bought the Visa IPO and made about $6k on the trade... shorted it and it went up even more. Traded my account between 12K and 14K for the past few months. Made several nice trades but never had more than two winning trades in a row. But now my account is at 10k. Somehow I got into UAUA 3000 shares @ 5.45... I beleive I have potential but need to start the entire learning curve over.
  8. good luck.
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    I have personally found the opposite to be true.
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