The Ghost of Credit's Past!

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  2. Maybe it's not a matter of "borrowers being screwed"... perhaps more like lenders using qualifying parameters as they should have been doing all along.
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    Touche my friend. I hope the lenders burn to tell you the truth. Their lending practices have been way out of line for a long time...they extended the housing rally to fill their coffers.
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  5. I have personal knowledge of prospective home buyers with 700+ FICO scores that are having extreme difficulty getting mortgage approvals.
  6. Did you read the article??? This guy has four surgical offices, but he's in bad deals, and now his kid is a model.

    Do you really think he has his mind on some guy's colon???
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    Apparently you do! :D
  8. haha.

    Classic. True comedy is rooted in absolute truth.
  9. Maybe their FICO is OK because they're good a being current on payments... however, that doesn't mean they are financially strong.

    Anybody who actually IS financially strong* has no trouble getting credit for anything.

    Moral... make yourself financially strong. Then, the only financial worry you'll have is how soon the Gummint destroys your wealth.

    * Having (1) large assets relative to liabilities, and (b) having large income relative to debt service and expenses.
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