The Genius of Mutual Indebtedness

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    Love Nigel.
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    Truth to power. He's great.
  3. Have you ever had any dealings with him?
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    I haven't. Saw a few citizen journalists question him on the street, though (youtube clip). Seemed a bit arrogant. How about you?
  5. this guy is very stupid or very smart and trying to confuse/diceive you,you choose
  6. I don't see the deception. He has it about right.

  7. What would happen if the Euro collapsed? honest question. (Please excuse me if there are other threads here that I should review for a looksy into this question..I should visit this sub-forum more often...from what I have been reading there are some very knowledgeable contributions in here...its a good read).

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    but of course!

    The rain beats down in a small Irish town. The streets are deserted. Times are tough. Everyone is in debt and living on credit. A rich German arrives at the local hotel, asks to view its rooms and puts on the desk a €100 note. The owner gives him a bunch of keys and he goes off for an inspection.

    As soon as he has gone upstairs, the hotelier grabs the note and runs next door to pay his debt to the butcher. The butcher hurries down the street to pay what he owes to his feed merchant. The merchant heads for the pub and uses the note to pay his bar bill. The publican slips the note to the local hooker who’s been offering her services on credit. She rushes to the hotel to pay what she owes for room hire. As she puts the €100 bill on the counter, the German appears, says the rooms are unsuitable, picks up his €100 note and leaves town.

    debt issue solved.
  9. Farage has been right for ten years. Peope just started paying attention to him over the last couple of years. A decade ago he predicted the euro would fail because the weaker countries weren't productive enough to be competitive with stronger countries like Germany. He also predicted the euro would end up much overvalued for countries like Greece, Portugal and Spain eventually forcing them into economic contraction, depression, and ultimately dropping out of the euro. When he first made those predictions, European leaders laughed at him. They're not laughing any more.
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    Wow, those EU/ECB "leaders" sure are a <del>fucking</del> arrogant, stupid, unrealistic, incompetent and dishonest bunch.

    (pardon my "French")
    Oh, and I love this Nigel guys direct and eloquent speeches.
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