The Geniousness of Paul Tudor Jones

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    For anyone who has seen his documentary the man is clearly a king for his time. Markets have changed a lot since the 80's but for anyone whose more or less seen his thought process for his short term trades - can you still trade like that?

    The intent of this thread essentially is to discuss short term trading on a discretionary (gut) basis vs a systematic manner where one backtests everything
  2. Please fix the spelling in the title to avoid the irony.

    Tudor built Ranger in the mid-90s and hires >100 PMs that are involved in algo/system trading. IIRC it's approx. 50/50 between quant and discretionary trading.
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    Just because he talks like its gut feel feel, doesn't mean that it is.
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  10. I've always admired Mr. Jones.

    However, it must be acknowledged that he was a given a fairly generous headstart.

    Of course, he seems to have had the chutzpah to make the most of it.
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