The General vs Mandlesbroth

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by The General, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. The General

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    The General will show you how to lose correctly-so that you can win.

    Mandlesbroth will show you how to use TA correctly-so that you will win.

    The General
  2. The General

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    heypa will be teaming up with mandlesbroth against The General

    trader666 might also join th TA group.

    The General

    Creating rinky-dink challenge threads on Friday evening? :confused: :eek: :D

    Dayum, you are such a LOSER! :p
  4. The General

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    I take that as a yes.

    The General
  5. Yes, you are a loser? :confused:
  6. The General

    The General Guest

    time to stop rattling up your post counter-and get to work.

    as you see fit-you do your thing-and i do mine.

    The General
  7. The General comes out ...

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  8. SwineFlu


  9. SwineFlu,

    At first i laughed, because i always knew that Mandy was a fukin pumper. Then it really hit home how much of a gob-sh!te this guy is. This guy, Mandy, could have posted on that thread (ES Journal) anytime that he wanted to, he could have waited for a good opportunity to bag 10 pts in a day or whatever.

    What does Mandy do?

    He jumps in all half ass and posts that crap as a trade. Then, goes on to tell everyone that he was partly correct in his analysis. :D WTF!!!

    To cut a long story short, that's what Mandy does you see. He jumps in to the market blind, he hasn't got a fukin clue. :D I like him though, he's a likable muppet.:D


  10. SwineFlu


    I respect him that he posts his trades but not that he slams others for their opinions.
    He is not an expert and has no room to judge anyone. If he posted his physical analysis of those traders he ridicules that would be different but he refuses and acts like a child with the "cause I said so" attitude. I came here to find some interesting content but Mandelbrot and a few of his "online" friends make this site, at times, no different than an elementary school payground. If he is going to put himself out there as an expert then he needs to take it on the chin for anyone that looks at his trades in disbelief.
    #10     Jul 12, 2009