The general direction of trading:first big win,and then small losing

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    My english is very poor. :D

    I think, make money from trading,not by small losing with big win, but by big win with small losing.

    I think, if we look at the small losing, will be difficult to catch the big win. We may be should lock the big win at first,and then we try everything we can do to let losing smaller and smaller.

    What I often do, is not run before market, but run after market. Up Buy Down Sell. If the market run on our trades direction, I will hold the trades,so the profit range will be unlimited. If we on the wrong term, market reverse, it doesn't matter, we have the stop-loss, losing range will be limited.

    My friend FunQi said to me, for a trading system,stick to and improve both are important.So, the general direction can not be wrong and be changed.
    I think, the trading system which conform to " Profit range unlimited and losing range limited ", may be the general direction.

    End.Thank you for reading. :D
  2. we also call it dump luck.

    we saw this during the internet / ECN (electronic crossing network) explosion in the late 90's / early 2000,

    when so many day traders could buy in th morning and be up $27 per share by lunchtime.

    we saw this when the first proprietary traders (Broadway Trading, this one, that one, etc.) were first getting started,

    these traders made hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions and could never repeat that success again.

    trading is not easy!
  3. Love that nickname "limitdown" ha ha ha - friggen awesome dude!

    Anyway, speaking only for myself, I make money mainly by simply, not losing.

    More accurately, keeping losses to an absolute minimum by resolving to enter the trade at only the best possible entry.

    This method has kept me out of a lot of great trades that would have been very profitable, but theres no feeling quite like being immediately in profit once the trade hits!

    On the other hand, when I am wrong, my loss is always extremely small = live to trade another day!

    I was not always so disciplined, but becoming a dedicated student of SnP500Trader has been my godsend!

    I post his link all the time for no other reason than because of how much he has helped me and how he has helped literally 1000s of other fellow traders! (read the comments for yourself on his past videos).

    Happy trades!

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