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  1. After getting the golden nod of approval, I plan to start a series of posts that will mirror gems seen in other locations. These will attempt to summarize the gems of wisdom found in certain author's posts in an easy to find format. The threads will be locked so that extraneous posts will be eliminated. I plan to start with Super_Ego's gems, and may move on to others.
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    sorry, I made a comment on ego thread, delete it if you want to keep it clean
  3. can i request a fasterpussycat gems series

    i'm already giggling in advance....:D

    p.s. :-/
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    Where is Faster I really miss him :(


    Where art thou???
  6. Dear Darkhorse,

    We have noted your request to have a fasterpussycat gems series. We apologize for the form letter but our offices have been inundated with requests for this series. Due to storage space limitations we are unable to offer this series at this time. According to our estimates, approximately 92.3% of the EliteTrader hard drive capacity is currently occupied with threads or posts by fasterpussycat or one of his estimated 10723 aliases. In the event that we decide to make a site backup available to the public, we will deposit it in a new forum labeled "Backup" where you can peruse the entire EliteTrader history at your leisure.

    Have a Nice Day.

    Peter Finch
    BackupsRUS Incorporated
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    OK, so I read Tripaks post, and it's midnight and I laugh so loud I wake my wife. I get shushed along with the sleepy version of "The Look". So (unlike anything I have ever been capable of in my life), she falls right back to sleep. Cool.

    Then I see Babaks post, and again I wake her up. So now I am probably in some deep soup. Afraid to get back under the covers. Thanks guys!!! :mad:

    Don't you know this is supposed to be a serious forum? Darkhorse, help me out with something deep and meaningful to ponder, and remind me to put these Moderator Guys on "ignore"
    I bet they don't even think we figured out a while ago that "Moderator" is just a double super secret code word used to identify the infamous Don Bright/Superego/Faster guy! HA!!! Thought you had used fooled, EH?????

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