the Gay Traders?

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  1. are there many homosexual day traders? or is it a pretty heterosexual game?
  2. I think there are many but they are still in the closet kinda like Larry (wide stance) Craig, Mark (your abs look great) Folley and Ted (I don't have drug problems) Haggert.

    Usually the closet gays are conservative. They have no idea what they are trying to conserve but bash liberals so they don't get outed.
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  4. I'm sure there are other out of the closet guys like you who also trade. You are probably not alone :)

  5. lol i knew i was setting myself up for that one with this thread
  6. haha, yes :D

  7. Don't you guys(gays) kinda have a code or some sort of way of knowing who the other guy (gay) is? I kinda thought you always knew-I dont know maybe I'm being weird but I thought ther was a secret way or something.

    anyway good luck trading.
  8. i believe its like the same way traders can detect other traders secretly
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    There was one named Jay 'Spirit' Castanza, but he was instructed to leave. Apart from that, none. Why?
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