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  1. I have read the letter for a little over a year so far. It has help me see a bigger picture than my myopic daily view. Any other readers of the letter out there.
  2. It is useful. Although Gartman is as human as the rest of us when it comes to making bad calls.

    It's widely distributed within the institutional community.
  3. I agree with he's only human. Sometimes I question his timing in markets. His macro ideas are very good thou. The way I benefit the most from his letters is by investing in sectors. His recomendations can be great at times, or very off. I often wonder how many readers follow his recomendations with actions.
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    I am interested in his views. How much does it cost to subscribe?
  5. It is rather expensive. I don't have the official cost on hand. I want to say it costs around eleven grand a year. I currently subscribe and it has paid for itself in the past. I will not resubscribe next year. He is on TV almost daily. :)
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    Thanks for the info! I think he is on CNBC once every 2 weeks. What channel do u usually see him?

    Are you sure u can live without it? I think once i subscribe it, i will need it like water like air.

    His views are rather unique. I just heard him talked about the middle east market. Pretty good insight!
  7. I get it and read it everyday. Its nowhere near worth what he charges.
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    I think that really have to depend on the size of trading relative to the cost.
    I am a one lot trader right now, so 11 grand a year is way to expensive for me.
    11 grand a year isnt expensive to a 100 lot trader. A 100 lot trader could lost 100 grand in any one trade.
    So, yes! It is expensive from a certain prespective.
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    I enjoyed his english class, when he was a professor at NC State univ.:) He would put on crosby, stills, nash, and young..sweet judy blue eyes and play it for the class. Then he was upset with some administration policies, so he gave anybody a c whether they showed up in class or not. The one english aren't so good as a result.:D
  10. I have a hard time justifying his high cost. I personally have been trading less and less and concentrating on my business. His insights are unique. The most valuable tidbit I ever got from him was to throw out almost all Government figures(trade defecit, unemployment, and trade imbalances) His thesis was these numbers are inacurate and difficult to trade. Instead to see how the economy is doing watch Baltic freight rates and tax reciepts. Nobody books freight unless they have sold the goods and more people are working for themselves as freelancers or consultants. He taught me how to look macro and keep things simple.
    By the way his gold and oil comments talked about today(CNBC) has been one of his positions for almost a year now. Most of that time it was a loser. I will say he has great discipline. Dave
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