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  1. Utah


    Hi all,

    I've created this virtual after-hours trading floor for those who trade the ES & NQ. Hold yourself accountable for your trades by posting them to the thread. It's a great way to make sure you're only trading when you should be.

    It'd be awesome for everyone in this thread to support each other. This is basically our after-hours office, so come on in and join us.


  2. Utah


    Things have been basically trending sideways on the ES since 2:00 PM Est. The NQ looked to have a good uptrend through the end of the day.

    Chairman Powell speaks tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM Est. How does that impact this overnight session?
  3. Overnight


    Hmm, well, I post my trades in my journal here when I update it, which holds me accountable there.

    As for Powell tomorrow? I believe it's just a total Q&A session, now that his testimony and the Fed meeting minutes are known. I cannot recall how his semi-annual testimony affects the markets on the second day, but he could drop a few more hints about Fed direction. Certainly there will be movement on his every darned word.
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  4. Utah


    Hi Overnight, do you mostly trade the ES & NQ?
  5. Overnight


    Just the NQ for now.

    And before you ask, "Why not the others"? Meh, one is enough, since the big three tend to move in tandem 98% of the time. Pick your poison. I like the NQ because it has the most profit potential on any given day, due to it's wider ranging.
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  6. Utah


    Bull run continues tonight.
  7. R123


    Overnight should be a slow bull push up the hill. Might be a drop off in late Asian hours, but upward march will resume latter towards NY open. That's my GUESS.

    Went short 7961.00, will cover on small pullback and keeping a tight stop, then close down for the night so will be flat into NY open, then wait on Powell.

    I trade NQ ( MNQ also ) and ES ( MES also ), but rarely at same time.

    Thanks for opening "floor".
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  8. REDP1800


    is this the virtual trading floor or is there a link? buy the russel 2k..
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  9. Utah


    Good morning (at least my time here in Utah)! What time zone are you in, @REDP1800? It's 5:53 AM where I am, and I'm just booting things up to see what's happening.
  10. Utah


    When and at what price do you think it's a great buy?

    What interests you about the Russell over the NQ or ES? Feel free to post your RTY/M2K trades here too!
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