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  1. Since there seems to be a paucity of journal excitement here on ET in the grand 'ol year 2003, I thought I'd liven this place up a bit. To that end, Witness "THE Futures Journal!" (Please moderators give 'ol Faster a break this time, I will make you proud)

    I'm a master at my trade so don't try this at home pikers at least not without supervision of the master himself. And fat chance of that. Now, first off lets get the prelims out the way --I'm one of the best if you don't mind me saying so (and even if you do:D ) You will soon see I speak the truth.

    Also please refrain from personal attacks spawned by the extreme jealousy and bright green envy that you will inevitably experience. However, major butt kissing and excessive flattery will get you very far with me. (You see I happen to have a Super_Ego:D )

    Next post will be my trades taken for today. Read 'em and weep.

    ps oh yes I'M BAAACK! ain't it great?:D
  2. Dearest brother pussy,

    Where were you?

  3. ego_super





    What the hell nickname is that?! :eek:
  4. nitro my dear friend, nice to hear from you (luv your new handle sweetie:D )

    i took a sabbatical to the far reaches of the world, however I was ever present here in spirit if not the Flesh.:D

    Stay tuned my friend as you will not be disappointed.
  5. ego_super you are an obvious imposter. don't sign my name. and you don't have my permission to post my thread if your intentions are not honorable!:mad:

  6. GG I haven't forgotten you.


    ps I'm taking one of my honey's out to dinner now, fine dining and Dom Perignon to celebrate another great day trading(you get the picture:D ), but I will be back in a few to post today's plays! See ya all soon!
  7. take me to the next level! :D
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  8. ego_super



    I wasn't signing your name. I was directing a "cool face" at you. This name is in honor of SE...I miss him.
  9. Dearest Brother Pussy,

    It is lovely to have you back on this board.. there was a real void on ET from your absence, and I am sure that I speak on behalf of all of us when I say "We love pussy"...

    Yours fraternally,
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    I look forward to your journal FPC, have at it.... :cool:
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