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  1. A little background first. I have been trading for a little over a year now. I am looking at graduation here in a couple of months. I have been working trading a fund that several fellow students, a professor of mine, and I set up. Things have been good so far. I have been trading well, making money, and we are getting more interest from other investors (mostly alumni).
    I have made several connections in the Chicago area and am hopeful about finding a good job trading there. Probably prop.

    My situation is this. I am in love with traveling. my gf and I have been talking about and saving for a backpacking trip through europe. The trip in tentatively planned for this summer/fall. Will companies support things like this? If I were to start working in January and then take 3 months off starting in Oct., will I be making enemies? Are the chances very good I would have a job when I came back?

    my second option would be to wait until after I get back to find a job. I don't really have any capital to speak of, otherwise I would just wait and trade for myself for a while - that means a stupid temp job for a while. Would companies see me not taking offers and not following my colleagues (who are also graduating in december) and take this as a sign that I am not interested or driven enough?

    sorry for the lengthy post. I am located nowhere near any financial district and my only insight into the workings of these companies is through others experience who post here and a few friends. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Let's see here I get resumes from yourself and several hundred other recent grads. After sifting through the pile I pull out yours and twenty others to interview for two positions. The first thing you request is three months off. Now ask yourself, what would you do, not only would I say no to the time off, I would dump your resume in the trash. If you want to travel terrific, but don't expect any employer to grant the leave, especially three freaking months.
  3. thank you - while being sarcastic, it helps. I have just read many posts where people say that you aren't really an "employee" when you work at a prop firm - so I didn't know if that meant you aren't held to normal employee standards
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    I hope you girlfriend's father owns a business and has a lot of money, so you can just chill when you get back from backpacking the French Riviera.
  5. so you think the whole trip is a bad idea if I want to pursue a career in trading? By waiting several months, you think that could jeoperdize my chances with a company?
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    Don't let these guys be jerks to you. They're probably jealous because they can't take off three months to travel Europe. I do agree that no one is going to hire someone that wants to take a 3 month vacation right off the bat. I suggest you go to Europe and have a blast, than worry about getting your career started when you get back. When else will you be able to travel for 3 months?? Probably not for a while. What's the rush to become some miserable geezer like the guys who take time out of their day to be condescending to young people who come to ET to gain knowledge and get advice. Have fun, and make sure you hit Zurich, Munich, and Amsterdam if your girlfriend lets you bang hookers.
  7. If you want to put up 5k and trade at a prop firm, you can do what you please. If you want to take time off to travel, you can do it at any time. The downside is, the only way you can make a living is to be trading. The more days you miss, the more opportunities you miss.

    Personally, if trading is something you really really want to do, you should take a year and a half of doing nothing but learning to be a profitable trader. Once you get to that level of consistency and have accumulated some decent savings, then take your vacation. The markets will be there when you get back, but this way you will already know how to trade.
  8. If I were you I would do this. Tell your parents the trip with your grandfather is your first priority and explain your plan to them. They will understand your situation and be supportive. Get a job tending bar, working at a bookstore or whatever and save your money. Start your professional career when you return. A three month trip with your grandfather is something you have to do, just don't expect an employer to be supportive.

    Best Wishes.
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    I believe GF= girlfriend, not grandfather. Either way go to Europe and feel lucky that you have the oppurtunity to do it while you're young. You're going to be working for the rest of your life so what's the hurry?