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Discussion in 'Politics' started by SouthAmerica, Jul 7, 2009.

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    July 7, 2009

    SouthAmerica: On Sunday I attended a birthday party for my nephew. He just turned 31 years old.

    They invited about 30 of his friends most of his friends were age around 30 years old.

    At one point I was a silent observer of the conversation of 5 or 6 of his friends, they were talking about what they think about the United States (my nephew did not take part of the conversation he has no interest in politics anyway) – these kids were all American kids – I was surprised by the subject of their conversation.

    Basically they think that the United States is in a massive mess in many ways, and they think that the only way to fix this country it is if the US becomes a dictatorship ruled by a strongman.

    They were saying it would take a good dictator about 4 or 5 years to straighten out this country. But one of the guys said the only problem with dictators is that you place them in power for 4 or 5 years and they end up staying 20 years.

    They were mad about the total mess that their generation is inheriting from the prior generation; they were angry with the Wall Street, the banking system and corporate greed and exploitation. Among other things they were really pissed by the increase of interest rates that they got on their credit cards and all the fees that the banks are coming up with.

    I did not say a word and I was thinking were these kids are getting these ideas from? Why they think that way? Were they are getting their information to come up with solutions like that?

    All of these guys had at least a college education, the fellow who was the biggest supporter for the dictatorship concept he is 30 years old and he is very prosperous he started a company in the web when he was 17 years old and he has been doing very well financially ever since that time. He is a very smart kid, a very hard worker, and his company is doing very well even during this hard times that we have been going through.

    I am sorry I just listened to their conversation and I did not ask them some questions such as:

    1) Why they think that way?

    2) What kind of communication system they were using to come up with these ideas such as television programs, books that they were reading, information on this subject that they found in the internet, opinions of family members that were influencing their thinking and so on…?

    3) How many of their friends think that way?

    4) In the case of choosing a dictator who they had in mind to be the leader of this American dictatorship?

    5) What they expected this dictator to do and in which specific areas?

    6) Why they felt that only a dictatorship system can save the future of this country?


    The conversation of these guys from a younger generation surprised me in many ways since what we lack in the United States is real democracy – we have a system of two wings of the same bird.

    The US needs a system of at least 4 or 5 major political parties.

    I wonder what percentage of the US population are feeling the same way as these kids today?
  2. Gotta agree there about our lack of choices.

    I`m guessing your sample of 5 lads at a party was nothing more than hubris and "who`s got the bigger dick" talk. 5 guys talking about something they really know nothing about. And who would probably crap themselves if a real totalitarian govt came into power.

    Additionaly I would say alcohol intake had something to do with the course of the convo.

  3. Hence, the Obama election. He's they guy to "change" everything.

    Just wait until they get a taste of real maniacal power... :(
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    July 7, 2009

    SouthAmerica: Reply to TrueRange

    These guys were not drinking alcoholic beverages and they were not in a contest to see who had the biggest dick as you said. They were having an intelligent conversation.

    I would not have wasted my time writing this posting if these guys were doing that. These guys were a bunch of very well educated computer geeks who spend most of their time working in the web.

    The fellow who has this computer company is investing his money right now in distressed foreclosed properties, and he has came up with a very good idea that he will implement that will help him rent his new properties. And he is in a unique position to implement his plan.
  5. it is through their own observations. they have just looked around and seen it for themselves.

    i am twenty six and feel the same way. the world is turning to sh1t because our parents generation have sold us out. it doesn't take long to appreciate the generation above you is selfish when you seem them buying multiple homes and not helping their own kids financially through college or with a deposit for their first home.

    also they are angry with their parents generation for neglecting them the main reason young people commit crime is either to get attention from their parents or to get attention from their peers to compensate for the lack of attention they get from their parents because their parents want to do what they want all the time rather than spend time with their kids.

    not all of that generation are like that but most are. think about how many people own more than one house, think about how many parents put their kids into nursery so they can get double income so they can buy more than they need. think about all those 4 by 4 and designer clothes. this self interest did not exist fifty years ago when they were growing up all they had to worrying about was themselves and what they could get out of people.

    it is no wonder they are pissed with the older generation, it is just retaliation for being crapped on their whole life. it surprises me you are so out of touch with what is going on it is as if the older generation think they have done nothing wrong.
  6. aegis


    They think that way because they have been brainwashed, likely by college professors.

    I'm 25 and attended a public university. Some of these professors spew some really asinine shit and these kids just eat it up. I let most of it go in one ear and out the other. I wrote papers that appealed to my professors so that I can get my degree and get the fuck out, even though I didn't share their opinions. I plan to expatriate after I finish my masters degree.

    As misguided as they are, they did get one thing right. The future of their generation (and mine) has been mortgaged by baby boomers. The only way out is to leave. The best of times are behind us.
  7. Wait till Adolf II starts up the draft again.
  8. whose adolf II is that Obama
  9. Oswald Spengler estimated the "Formation of Caesarism. Victory of force-politics over money. Increasing primitiveness of political forms. Inward decline of the nations into a formless population, and a constitution thereof as an Imperium of gradually-increasing crudity of despotism".'s_civilization_model

    Also the reason that these 20-30 year olds have their ultra-high living standards relative to the rest of the world is due to prospering from the same post-71 ponzi scheme, the reason for all of their educational grants, social services, opportunity, and easy credit is the same system that they now despise. It is a faustain bargain through and through.
  10. Those kids are smarter than you guys think. They arrived at the same conclusion reached by the ancient greeks after watching their democracy become infested with self interest.

    No one here has heard of the concept of the benevolent tyrant? The founding fathers had similar conversations.
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