the future of education?

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    I love Khan academy myself. I have 93 badges and 366,000+ energy points. Even if you've learned all that stuff in high school or college, that site actually makes it fun to go back and review stuff you have forgotten over the years. The math section is espeically fun in my opinion.
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  3. I hold the belief that education is a waste of time and tax payers money. Some of the best educated people I know have no sense and they would be much better adjusted members of the global community if they understood how little they knew. Schools fail miserably to teach them this fact and instead inflate their egos
    ET is a prime example of the dangers of education. All schools should have warning over the entrances so that a few souls might be reflect on the true meaning of life and be saved from servitude. ET is full of servants of the system who can't figure it out but think they know something.

    I suggest a little ditty that could be sung along the lines of: WARNING! You enter here knowing nothing, but you will leave deceived into thinking you know something. School is only a time warp for slaves, clap-clap: A time warp for slaves, clap-clap.
  4. This was posted in the comments section.(probably a union steward).

    I find it spot on (although I don't agree with any of it).

    "I have no doubt that Mr. Khan wants to make a difference in the educational world but as an educator, this is a tired old idea delivered with new technology. This is based on individualized instruction methods that were used in the 80's and discarded because it was clear that people taught with this method alone did not really learn; they only memorized what was needed to pass the test. I think this can be useful as a tool but not as an entire curriculum. I applaud his thinking to integrate technology into the classroom but don't rely on this alone to get the job done!"