The Future of American Innovation Is At Risk

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  1. Please watch the video at the following link to inform yourself about what is about to happen to the internet.

    The Net@Risk Video

    Then at the link just below, Please consider signing the petition and also contacting your Congress-persons. Tell them that the mega-corporations have enough power as it is.

    In general, small business and innovative entrepreneurial spirit is being further and further stifled by the mega-corporations. I think that any rational thinking person can agree with this.

    Recently, this is most visible with media and telecom...

    Mostly all radio, even small "local" stations, are owned by a small handful of mega-corps (i.e., Clear Channel)

    tv and telecom are as well... think about it.

    Now the cable and telecom industries are spending many millions of dollars (millions daily, literally) to lobby Congress to enact a "toll booth" on the internet. This will change the internet as we have known it (democratic and fully accessible). Future great innovative companies similar to Google or YouTube could very well be in jeopardy of never materializing because the telecom industry wants to take the democracy out of the internet.

    Don't believe it?... If there's no harm in what they're lobbying for, then why don't they want to ensure that by including it in the bill.

    Last year the bastards in Congress, passed a bill to do just that... give the mega-corps what they want. Any amendments to protect small business' were rejected. But, it's still being debated on the Senate floor.

    Two critical issues are now being considered. Further conglomeration of the media companies.. and allowing the telecom and cable companies to be able to dictate the "super highway" known as the internet.

    Please inform yourself of these issues. And do something about it.


    What is net-neutrality
  2. That was weird.
    Minutes after I posted the video link above, they changed it.

    Here's the correct link: The Net@Risk

  3. why don't you just let the market sort it out? and make sure the government doesn't let people abuse power they get through possible monopolies.. outside the market (and not inside)?
  4. That's been the problem with the "free market" lately. Legislation being passed these days isn't pro-market, per se, it's pro mega-corp via huge tax incentives and legislative favorables for them. It hasn't been for the innovative small business.

    The market place is becoming less and less democratic. This legislation will be a big hit to boot.

    Around 1993, legislation was passed to give the telecom industries HUGE tax breaks since they "promised" to build the fiber-optics infrastructure. Well guess what... the infrastructure was never built, but they got their tax breaks at the same time greatly raising user premiums. Countries in the far east and eastern europeans are getting internet service a hundred times faster than we are and for about 10% less $.

    This mega-corp pandering and welfare shit's gotta stop.
    Conglomeration is out of control.
    The mega-corp's vast legislative influence is way out of control.

  5. Wasn't there a huge glut of "fibre-optic" infrastructure a few years back...
    Which contributed to many telecom bankrupcies or restructurings?

    Also... your point about East Europe is ridiculous.

    Roughly 50% of Americans have broadband... 70% of the British.
    While roughly 10-15% of people in Russia/Ukraine have dial-up internet...
    And that's mostly in major cities...
    And ONLY businesses can afford broadband.

    And China completely controls and censors internet service to 1,000,000,000+ people.

    I may agree with some of your basic positions...
    But getting the facts wrong... and being a Drama Queen hurts your case.
  6. There's too much fiber. I used to work in telecom. The only need for fiber now is to the home, that's it. We got broadband to electrical. What more could you want. Go to South Korea if you want more. Damn I wish Verizon Fios was here in Denver. :(