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  2. Men that are men-haters isn't the answer.........

    The dudes in this video need to watch an all-day "Housewives of New York City" (HNYC) marathon. That will restore a healthy respect for what men are about.

    I fuckin' can't stand the best 60 seconds of HNYC.
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    I kept waiting for some British sarcasm to unfold... it never came.
    Are these guys actually serious? What a bunch of candy-asses.

    ....or did I miss something???
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    Men (real Men) are becoming an "endangered species" because WE'VE allowed society, political correct bullshit, and Women to get away with this garbage!

    My Wife and I went through a tough time a few years ago, went to a Christian counselor recommended to us. The guy gave me a book to read that points out that it's very much a healthy thing to be a Man, to act like one, and how to lead your Wife into understanding that a Man is a Man, and a Woman is a Woman. It's really written for Men, but the Spouse or Girlfriend are to read it as well. I'll have to do dig it out as like I said it's been about three years. If anyone wants the title, lmk, and I'll start going through the books I have in "shelf development" to find it. Good book. Really opened my eyes, AND hers about what Men are and what Women are. Reading that book made both of us happier as it "lifted" a burden of what we thought society wanted us to be, and we started being what God meant for us to be. A real Man, and a real Woman.

    And yes, the "real" housewives gold digging trash tv skanks make me ill! My Wife and I can't even stand to skip through the channels and see what America has fallen down to. Blows my mind! Especially after the fact that I've seen how Women "live" in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Afghanistan during my "vacations" the Marine Corps sent me on... Those middle eastern Women live on the other end of the extreme, and when I describe it, it's mind-bending to most.

    On a lighter note, I had to laugh the last time I was in Manhattan. I held a door for a Woman, and she said, "I think I'm fully capable sir!" (as she looked at me with hate in her eyes...) I told her, "Mam, I'm sorry. I'm from the South, and we show respect for a Lady by holding a door. Obviously you don't fit in the respect or lady category." I walked to the elevator as she ran her mouth at me, and I kept thinking to myself "what the hell is the World coming to?":confused:

    Guys, I'll give you a hint: I don't know ANY Woman worth spending more than a second with who wants a "male apologist" hanging around her. Women want a Man with testosterone in his veins, not some dipshit pussy who apologizes for being male. In fact guys, if you plan to get inside a Woman's heart (or wherever you want to get inside of:D ), you MUST act like a true Man, be a true Man, and have an "I don't give a shit what your bitch, liberal, lost 'friends' think," attitude. You do that, and you'll have real Women wanting you. Think back to grade school or junior high. Ever have a girl dislike you because of whatever "boyish" antics she observed you doing? Then, did you ever notice that after that little disagreement blew over, she wanted to hang around with you, or even date you? Perfect example that the Author of that book noted, and it's so true. At least for me it was true.

    Case in point, I was in the Marine Corps as an NCO, and Officer after College. We can all agree that Marines are known to the World to be tough guys if you will, who act and behave like "manly or macho" Men. I wasn't married then, and truly cannot count how many Women I used to have in my life during those times. Enough said?

    Last, I hope some of you who have youtube accounts blast those gelding "Men" in the comments section for not being what God made them to be! Ooh rah!
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    They are dead serious. And this is awesome. A bunch of dickless wonders like this competing with us for the babes? That rocks. Any woman that chooses one of these losers deserves what she gets, does *not* deserve to be anywhere near me plus I'd prefer to never be around them either. We're talkin' losers like Rosie O'Donut or Whoopi Goldberg that think this video is great. Anything that separates them from real women is a win for real men.

    Maybe we can get all these loser "men" to wear labels or some other way to self-identify. Then the real women would have an easier time noticing us. :)

    Oh, and if you do not believe these losers are serious, then check out this video:
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    wow. I can't think of anything else to say.
    I'm with you in the fact that the more of them, the better.

    I wonder how Nitro feels about this?
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    I just think that video is the best dead pan humor on the net.
  8. Agreed, no way can that be serious. Clever :p
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    I tell American women what men really need and they all have pretty much the same response: "who wants to do that?" So i figure that if they aren't any good to me then forget them, they are just damaged beyond repair and belong on the scrap pile, which is where a lot of them are... now, as socialism unwinds it's position over the next few years or decades, women that can be very good for a man are going to be in short supply and those few will prosper the way God intended, the rest will sink into the shithole that they voted for and who cares?
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    That video was interesting... I think they should do a sequel: "Dear Dog" and then, perhaps another one "Dear Street Corner"... And, of course, my favorite "Dear Beer!"

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