The Funniest Black Pastor On The Planet

Discussion in 'Politics' started by insider trading, Nov 28, 2008.

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  2. After seeing those fools Rev Wright doesn't seem to bad.It doesn't look like there are a lot of good pastors to choose from in the black community .(Sharpton and Jackson suck as well)

    At first I thought that fool Manning was a internet comedian,then I seen him on sean hannitys show and found out he really is a pastor with a church .He even has his own school and gave himself a Phd.

    His church members has to be real idiots to go to that clowns church
  3. "Long legged Mac Daddy"
    Bwaaaaahahaha! Now that was a rant.

  4. He is a black preacher who admit one of the problem in the black community. He put down black man in front of his black congregation, who have babies they do not take care of. He put down black people for voting only because Obama was black, when they do not know the issues.
    Why would a black preacher hate Obama when Obama did not leave his children, or when Obama work hard to get his education. Now Obama is president elect, and he did not pick all black people for his cabinet because they are black, like the uneducated black voters did for Obama.
    Everything this preacher say is wrong for black people to do, is everything Obama did not do. But he hate Obama? So something deeper is making this preacher hate Obama.
  5. GabbyJay


    When he yells he darned sure sounds like Richard Pryor.
  6. extraordinary
  7. Surprisingly most of the things he says is right.

  8. You're as desperate for attention as he is.
  9. sooooo.... what are you here for, to enlighten us?
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