The Fuhrer's first speech could have been about 2010 USA

Discussion in 'Economics' started by William Rennick, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. Pay attention to the beginning of the speech.

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    Rennick Goebbels aus:cool:
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    Yes, the analogy is so compelling. Hitler's rise to power began while Germany was being led by a half-black man. See Godwin's law for additional reasons as to why your post is ludicrous.

    There is a tradition among many Internet discussion forums that once a comparison is made with Hitler or Nazi Germany, the thread is finished and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically "lost" whatever debate was in progress. I'm starting a new tradition. Whoever makes such a comparison in the first post of a thread goes on ignore.
  3. You are a foolish Moron. Dig deeper instead of posting a shallow dismissal and learn from the past. The parallels are alarming. Hitler came to power because the economic conditions were ripe for a dictator. The same conditions exist here under the surface, and could easily get much worse in very short order. The jobs data drastically understates the true number of jobless and underemployed. The Fed is printing money to a magnitude that makes Weimar Germany's printing look like a child's lemonade stand. It is under these conditions that cause further economic turmoil resulting in powerful upheavals and revolutions.

    Rennick Volker out:cool:
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    This video is extremely disturbing for the parallels to what is happening in the US, however I found the charisma that Hitler exhibited in this video seems to be eerily similar to obama. He obviously knew how to work a crowd just like obama does today.
  5. religion is the opiate of the masses.

    people need leadership...only 7 men control the country.

    the nationalist party started with a group of 7 guys...

    what is missing leadership...

    people always looking for leader,idol, or hero..Hitler was hero at the time to his country.

    it's the rise of NATIONALISM and militarism....prelude to war...and conquest.

    Hitler blamed the 1918 treaties that bankrupt the German state in dispair as it's currency was worthless in 1933. germany had to pay the winning countries in debt payments...unfair war payments....much can be said of norh korea as it's economy is screwed's only choice is war ---kill or die. no other choice...economic sanctions against countries like iran or north korea is like asking for war.

    same reason iraq invaded was bankrupt and needed the oil from kuwait.

    so in way greed or money is root of all evil.

  6. Thanks Rennick. Good post.
  7. looks like a tea party rally...:D
  8. Germany was in much worse shape that he USA is. Not even close.
  9. Samsara


    Conspiracy theorists are addicted to feeling like victims.

    They are afraid of the responsibility they have to live well in a difficult world, abdicating it for the comfort and companionship of being a slave. Always in chains, always a beating around the corner.
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    Incorrect. Although there appears to be more than the usual amount of crackpots among conspiracy theorists, the cause is a good one in that it searches for the truth, something gov't and politicians want to hide from the masses. The propaganda and power grab coming out of DC today is alarming. When the constitution becomes a "GD piece of paper" as GW Bush called it. That will be the end game.
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