the friendliest state toward small business is......

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  1. South Dakota. of course if you are on the recieving end of the low wage low to no benefits conditions that attract business you might not be so happy.

    South Dakota once again ranks No. 1 in the nation for friendliness toward small business.

    It’s the seventh year in a row the state received the recognition from the Small Business Entrepreneurship Council. The study examined 44 government-imposed or government-related costs affecting small businesses and entrepreneurs. Factors included taxes, regulatory costs, government spending and debt, property rights, health care policies and energy costs.
    The study highlighted South Dakota’s tax policy, including no state taxes on personal or corporate income or capital gains, and no death taxes, and also recognized low crime rate, few health insurance mandates and low levels of government spending.
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    S. Dakota has very low cost of living and lots of banks have operations there. The state is just fine in terms of schools, infrastructure, etc. The problem is that it's cold, boring and not a lot of natural beauty.

    The point is most of the states with little to no growth are blue states with too high taxes and a bad business climate. Only one blue state actually gained a congressional seat: Washington. Of course, Washington has no income tax and low property taxes, but whatever, fiscal conservatism doesn't work. Only time blue states grow it's inspite of fiscal liberalism, not because of it.
  3. true there are a lot of bank or credit card operations here. back in the 80s the legislature removed all restrictions on credit card rates. that set off a scramble for credit card companies to move here.
    as far as boring and natural beauty there must be some appeal since tourism is the second largest industry in the state.
  4. If it weren't for that "Sturgis Motorcycle" event, it would be a lot, lot lower. :cool:
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    You're right. Black hills, Mt. Rushmore. Sturgis as said above. I was thinking of the Eastern part of the state.
  6. lots of out of staters come to deadwood to gamble too. deadwood is kind of a mini las vegas gambling town.
  7. Texas is very easy to start and run a small business, not so easy to make a profit, but that's everywhere I bet.
  8. 1. Profits
    2. Entertainment
    3. Friendly regulators & taxes
    4. Exploit human & natural resources
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    nevada and texas are best imo - neveda is good for LLC set up.
  10. Texas is easy to start a corporation in also, you can do it online and takes just a few minutes once you know how to structure the Corp. I did mine myself, total time about 15 minutes and I think it was $300.
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