The French Connection.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by SouthAmerica, Nov 8, 2007.

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    November 8, 2007

    SouthAmerica: George and his new lap dog.

    George W. Bush had been very unhappy since Tony Blair’s retirement – but now he is happy again since he got his new lap dog – and this time around it is a real French poodle.

  2. a French poodle with a zionist overtone!! What would that make it? a deformed, cross eyed poodle due to excessive inbreeding??

    It turned out that the guy, Sarkozy, is being investigated by French authority for being a "Sayan"; a Mossad in his early age.

    The following is the French article by the Popular Le Figaro;

    Viva la Mossad!!!
  3. Yeah crybabies, the French are finally coming back to their senses. (could it have something to do with muslim riots in Paris?) Get over it. LOL, two sore losers - SA and Wael, always wrong, always angry, always mean, always whiney...

    PS Sarkozy does not love GWB, he loves and respects America, American values, American culture, American people.
  4. No comment!!

    something he does not share with the zionists who fuck America, spy on America, send America children to fight their wars and deplete ordinary American people of their hard earned money.

    Say hi to you Sayan Mossad guy! I take my hat off for you guys.
  5. No comment!!
    Making up my quotes, huh? Hey loser, you're a living proof that even Canada can't turn a savage, liar and idiot into a decent human being.

    I take my hat off for you guys.
    LOL, who cares about your hat when your whole tribe took off their pants and bent over a long time ago.
  7. Sorry baby, I did not mean to hurt your feelings. Please stop crying.
  8. No!!