The Freedom Tower

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  1. No I don't like the design.

    Worse though is the name. It's wrong for a thousand reasons I cant put into words yet.

    I'd like to hear what New Yorkers or others that grew up with the towers think.

    Fire away.

  2. Geo, I worked at Bankers Trust Plaza for a few years (currently the Deutsche Bank building scheduled for demolition across from Ground Zero). I agree with you; the new design reeks of the triumph of the security state. The view from the World Financial Center is going to be a giant tombstone.
  3. Ever since 9/11, the government loves to throw around the word 'freedom', while simultaneously stripping away our constitutional rights and plunging the nation into neo-fascism.

    Were those some of the words you were looking for?
  4. I guess Trump's plan got nowhere.

    They need to recognize this thing is a mess, pull back and start over. Maybe put a Ten Commandments monument there in the interim.
  5. Heh, I love it. 100 stories, 10 stories for each commandment.
  6. I don't like the design, the name, the whole need to generate an image to show the world how tough we are.

    Classless, no wonder Trump is involved.

  7. Yes Rearden. You and Pound said some of it. Why use that word - Freedom?

    I've got people in my parking lot with Not My President stickers on their cars. A good number of people in this country are horrified by the Bush people and really do think this constant banter about freedom has become vulgar - or worse. In my own case, I want his head for not getting Osama and I voted against him for just that reason.

    I don't know what in hell Pataki, the police and Port Authority are thinking here. This is a disaster.

    Call it what it was - World Trade Center.

  8. Ha!
  9. [​IMG]

    It's not great but I feel it's an improvement over that last version by that fucker Libeskind.

    Libesking European piece of shit he tried to shit on America and ground zero.

    The new Freedom Tower.

    Trump's version. The World Trump Center. 111-storeys, 1 more than the original and two towers.

  10. Although I am no fan of Donald Trump's, I think he is backing the right idea. There was nothing wrong with the skyline before. Why change it? There was nothing wrong with the name of the complex before either, so why change that as well?
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