The fraud of public money in the markets

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  1. remember the asswipes saying they should invest social security money in the market? not hearing that this week are we.

    Your pension is cooked.
    The nation's largest public pension fund, known as Calpers, is unloading stocks in a falling market to make sure it has enough cash to meet its obligations.

    The pressures come as the California Public Employees' Retirement System has had to raise cash to fulfill commitments to private-equity firms and real-estate partners. The giant fund's predicament is another sign of how the market selloff is tightening the screws on pension funds nationwide. Many other pension funds have similar partnerships and could also confront liquidity strains.

    Calpers said it had $188.8 billion under management as of Wednesday, down 21% from the end of June. The fund, which said it had about 63% of its assets in global stocks at the end of August, has been punished severely by the stock-market selloff.
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    Once again, a pension fund that is over promising and having to carry much more risk than they should.

    I can't fucking wait to bail out the Cali public workers retirement at the expense of my own....................retirement.