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    We have recently ventured into the forex market. At the start of last year we began manageing some client money through several different forex sources. We were very disappointed in the spread and execution of trades through most front ends. The thing about forex markets is that there is no central market place, like an exchange. So the deal with most of the FX trading sites is that they are trading off of the positions that the small independent traders are executing. Now you can get tighter spreads that are not offset if you pay a commision per trade. So in our research, we were looking for an option to offer to our clients that remained commission free but still offered tight spreads that were direct trade throughs to the banks bids and offers. We recently found a partner that is able to offer that to us through our own label. We are now able to offer those same tight spreads, 1- 2 pips in the EUR/US, and keep them commision free. Because we are able to trade directly with the banks, we do not need to instill the mark ups that most retail sites need to in order to offset independent trade positions against what the banks are doing. So, essentially what is happening with the other sites like **** and FXSolutions, is they offer a market to clients that does not reflect the market they are seeing, they accept your trades with the mark ups built in and then offset them with the banks at a profit for themselves. The other problem that we saw was the requoting of prices and tremendous latency in fill notification. Through our new system we dont experience those issues. We are very excited about this relatively new environment for trading forex. For the first time, there is now a central aggregate arena for conducting forex trading. Feel free to go to our website and contact us for more information about this and any other forex or futures questions or comments.
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  5. So he does not mark-up the spread nor charge a commission. Nice bizniz-model.
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    Of coarse the spread is marked up, but marking up a third of a pip for trades that are done directly with the banks versus marking up a pip and half and holding trades to offset for a profit are two entirley different things. Im not sure why there is such negative response to an alternative source of forex trading that is available that many people are not aware of. If i can offer a spread to a client for no commision that is the same spread as he can get elswhere paying a commision, are you saying that you would not be interested in that? No there is a nice business plan.
  7. Since you are not a registered FCM/FDM - who will hold your clients funds? It just sounds like yet another IB of whomever.

    Also if your futures rates are anything to go by it wont be a cost-effective way to trade ($10 ??)
  8. LOL yeah sure let me save .5 pips on a round turn and then you and your fellow fraudsters close up shop and take all my money out of the blue one day. LOL

    BTW there is a negative response because:

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    c) You are not regulated, you are a scamming bucketshop. Period. Even the ones that are regulated are scammers, imagine the ones that aren't even regulated!
  9. They are registered as IB and CTA with the NFA tho.
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