The Fool and His Money

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    "A fool and his money are soon parted - it was a miracle that they got together in the first place"

    Ray Williams, who played in the NBA for a stellar 10-year career, is now homeless 23 years later. According to the Boston Globe, Williams doesn’t use drugs or drink or gamble. He’s just had abysmal luck job-wise and financially and now it’s all gone. He lives in a car that doesn’t run and undoubtedly eats in soup kitchens. What the heck?
    Williams reportedly made over $2 million while playing in the NBA from the years 1977 to 1987 and apparently he just could not hang onto the money. He has also gotten about $12,000 in money from the NBA Legends Foundation, which he used to purchase a condo to live in, under a lease-to-own contract that through no fault of his own, was not honored by the widow of the man he made the contract with.
  2. Sad story. What the hell kind of article is that? Three measly paragraphs that seem geared toward annoying the reader rather than provide real information and entertainment . Last time I click on to that site. :mad:
  3. Any of us that has ever had money, knows how easy it is to blow through it. $2 million dollars over the course of 10 years is not that much. After taxes its about $1 million which is about $100k per year, or a little over $8k per month which was pretty decent income in the 1980s,, but still easy to blow though.
  4. Similar story with Manute Bol. :(
  5. Never heard of him, I'm not a basketball fan. I checked out his story and he was quite the guy.
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    Yes, IF YOU ARE A MORON....seriously I have had money and certain cultures respect money, they save, invest. Others act like a FOOL and PISS IT AWAY.... that is the difference....I feel bad for the guy seriously, but you lay down with dogs you'll end up with fleas.....
    He has some issues the article never got into....even if you are not in the NBA, get a frigging JOB coaching HS kids......
  7. Hey that's a sweet ride to live in! Wish I had one that nice...