The Flynn crash

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Pekelo, Dec 1, 2017.

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  1. Pekelo


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  2. 2rosy


    buy 'em
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  3. If you went all in in options before this huge 11am drop you'd have made serious bank.
    You can still make some good money from the recovery bounce that's about unfolding now.

    The VIX shot up...that was like a mini flash crash. I hate anomalies and joker wildcard's very humbling.
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  4. just21


    Impossible to predict a vol spike on news. It is possible to sell vol after the spike as vol mean reverts and the vol ETFs are designed to go down in price as they have to pay the contango in the vix futures.
  5. truetype


    A good opportunity for IB to liquidate some short-vol a§§clowns.
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  6. A good opportunity to buy up cheap volatility on individual stocks.
  7. Back to the ETH VWAP on ES :)
  8. Here4money


    Congrats to all VIX, gold, and crypto holders
  9. Market seems pretty damn bulletproof overall. 5-10% correction = buying opportunity??
  10. A 5-10% correction would feel like 2008 right now.
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