The Fly On The Wall vs.

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  1. lojze


    Which one is better?
    Or does it make sense to use both?


    I have heard both. I like them both.
    The office I'm in has decided to go with Fly on the wall.

    Dont they have a trial period?
  3. lojze


    Yes, they do, but I would also like to hear opinions from users.
  4. Arnie


    Are these comparable to DJ News? Cheaper?
  5. lojze


    Probably much cheaper.
  6. sun170


    Funny that you brought this topic up today. I have been using briefing and fly for the past few years. Just today, I decided to cancel by briefing subscription. Fly has many more headlines that briefing never gets. I used to use briefing, yahoo, dj, and fly for news. Quite tedious, but when your looking for news you search everywhere. Fly always had news that the other services did not. I also have not had DJ news for the past month and haven't missed it so far.
  7. Fly is better in terms of content for catalyst trades, however, I question their push stream speed.

    Price is very attractive if you overlook the latency (oxymoron).

    Typical precontract pricing:

    - Dow Jones ($95/month or direct contract price)
    - TheFlyOnTheWall ($25/month)
    - Midnight Trader ($30/month)
    - Media Sentiment ($10/month)
    - Comtex CSTA ($150/month)
    - Advanced Institutional Holders ($55/month)
  8. sevnseat


    personally fly just annoyed me. I go with platinum briefing all day every day... granted i have bloomie too. not very cost effective but you need to know whats goin on, you'll find it there no doubt. I get data on time. Faster than anywhere else, that's where the value is for me with bburg
  9. lojze


    Well, The Fly had yesterday news on NTGR (upgrade, nice run-up) and UPI (news, big runner today) and Briefing didn't have either of the news.

    But still, I was longtime Briefing subscriber and now I am evaluating The Fly, so any example in Briefing's favour?
  10. biv


    I have tried to evaluate brfng platinum for some time but would like to get others ideas too.

    sevnseat are you acting upon the recomendation they actually make. i plan to use there recommendation along ttm indicators from tradethemarket website. i have done lot of research and paper trade before i start this.
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