The Flaming on ET Shall End!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Bullz n Bearz, May 29, 2007.

  1. I have been watching how people are speaking to one another on this message board and for the most part,it seems as if a lot of guys here like trying to pick on the newbies.. Why do that stuff, guys? Don't you want to promote a comfortable learning enviornment for newbies, not scare them away?

    I really believe we need more thoughts on this thread to really express our concerns for those who choose to chastise others..

  2. What gave you the impression that ET was a site that caters to those who want to learn to trade?

    Can you give us a quote from the ET mission statement to backup your assumption?
  3. Well that's the ideal on ANY forum, pal. Why should it be the opposite?
  4. I am a uniter not a divider.
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    Fuck you, bitch.

  6. NEWBS :D
  7. I come here for the flaming I stay for the "buy the dips" pearls of wisdom.
  8. My name's not Pal! Its Chuck? Got it! Chuck! not Pal!

  9. Don't listen to them Bullshit....your right....these clowns are out of control...I came here to learn as well...I have learned the following since joining ET:

    1) Never ask the question: Do you believe in God?

    2) Never ask the question: Is Atkins the best diet?

    3) Never EVER ask Zzzzzz a question nor give a compelling argument to refute his theories on me on this one.

    4) Do not make fun of Baron....

    5) if your a first ime poster, never start a thread with " HAS ANYONE EVER HEARD OF -----TRADING"????

    6) Jack hershey is a God....

    7) Mr. Market likes the finest meats and cheeses and has now picked 189 consecutive winners

    8) No matter how many times its been explained, nobody gets the PDT rules...Nobody!

    9) if you make fun of Rednecks, crackers, mexicans, gays and blacks,,,its ok so long as you don't use the 'N' word...

    10) if you make fun of Israel...well there's a good chance it will get deleted.

    Hope this helps...Happy Posting!
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    No one said chats and forums are "Mutual Admiration Society"...Expect to get flamed if ask stupid questions like: What is a tick? Is a tick a point? Are they the same? Whats the diff between them? On and on it goes, same stupid questions over and over.

    Well i will tell you for a fact, many are so mesmerized about how much they can make they overlook the learning process. Tell them it takes years to learn and a few hard slaps in the face and 90% will fail within first year.........they pass that right up because sure as shit the 95% will believe they are smarter.

    and the game goes round and round... BIGHOG is taking the entire month of june off....maybe even a couple weeks longer. .. :cool:
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