The first Shot has been fired... look out

Discussion in 'Economics' started by EMRGLOBAL, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. This web site needs a special filter where one can filter out posts with the word "infowars" or "prisonplanet"
  2. I know, MANY just can't handle their CALLS! :cool:
  3. Give the globalists a few more years and it'll happen.

    I wish they had an Alex Jones on every network, so we could get full spectrum coverage. I discovered the guy about 6 years ago, and even if you dislike him, the guests he gets on his show are amazing. The best show on radio, hands down.
  4. Yeap....even Drudge "gets it" these days.....more and more links to INFOWARS items every week! :cool:
  5. -1.

    Successful specs are 'contrary in the extreme'
  6. Typical fox hysteria, their audience loves to be scared. Did any of you read the executive order? If you did then you realize the fox reporters were pulling facts out of their ass as usual. And really if the heartland wants government out of their lives they should opt out of the government sponsored welfare system for farmers.
  7. Alex Jones needs to be added to that list. Just annoying to see.