The first person ever who warrants the death penaltywithout murdering/raping someone.

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    In all my years This is by far one of the most disgusting things i have ever seen on the internet

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  2. WTF? What is the motive? There must be more to the story, at least I would hope... Not that it would excuse it, but it would at least make more sense...
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    Someone posted this on youtube

    I hope people make their
    lives miserable!

    Address: Jennifer Lynn Petkov
    & Scott Petkov 167 Detroit StTrenton, MI
    48183-1210 Phone number (has been d/c'd):
    (734) 479-0776 Jennifer Petkovs work forum:
    =712&option=com_agora Jennifer work phone
    #: 1-800-336-4369 Her Bosses Information Jack
    Doheny Office: 248-349-0904 Fax: 248-349-2774
    Cell: 248-939-3218 E-mail:
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    Thankfully the girl is only 7 years old, so she hopefully will not fully understand this shit, had she been roughly 12 or older she would understand exactly what these 2 lunatics are doing.
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    what will this accomplish? Look, Jennifer is now in a position to open her eyes and make amends for her misdeeds. If she is truly repentant and makes it right with the little girl, let us let her move on with her life.
  7. all started 3 years ago when they didnt invite the lunatics kids over to their daughters birthday party fast enough. It built up from there.

    Here is the whole story, the fake apology afterwards and the fact that right after the apology the crazy woman said "I dont give a f*** whos dying

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    Put your shirt back on olias, your bleeding heart is showing.
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    Certain people (pedophiles, murderers, and other heinous criminals) do not deserve a second chance, im sorry but when a person does something as grotesque as this they deserve a bullet in the head. This shit is pure evil, you would have to be a psychopath to go out and do the types of things shown in the first video.

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    I sense this is one of those internet corridors I should not go down. I've been in a couple that I can't forget, and so now I ask myself, "why do this to yourself?"

    Not even watching it I pick up that Hello is likely right on this one.
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