The First Five Trading Days of January

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  1. Jan 3rd though Jan 09 return

    DJIA= (0.37%) Dow Jones Industrials
    COMPQ= 1.18% Nasdaq Composite
    SPX= (.44%) S&P500
    DJIT= 1.373% Dow Jones Transports
    DJU= (1.829%) Dow Jones Utilities
    NDX= 1.53% Nasdaq 100
    OEX= (.345%) S&P100
    MID= (%0.099) S&P Midcaps
    SML=(1.617%) S&P Smallcaps
    DWC=(0.488%)Wilshire 5000
    RUI=(0.425%)Russell 1000
    RUT=(1.556%) Russell 2000
    RUA=(0.549%) Russell 3000
    XAX=(2.226%) AMEX Composite
    NYA=(1.261) NYSE Composite
    NIN=(0.992%) NYSE International 100
    NUS=(0.992%) NYSE 100


    Total market slightly down.

    Small caps and energy appear especially weak.

    Nasdaq 100 appears strongest and may set trend.
  2. How come you stopped posting under "Eagle488"? (Just curious)
  3. Thats not me.
  4. Ok sorry, its just your posts are incredibly similar. Plus Eagle488 stopped posting on Dec 25th and you started Dec 27th. Just figured maybe he changed names for some reason.

  5. I just found this board on Dec 27th. Honestly, I cant find any other place to rationally express my thoughts on the market. Yahoo is a circus, investorshub is a little better, but all seem like one big pump/dump scam.

    Im a retired old man and live up in Stamford. I think I might be headed for Florida soon though...

  6. You've come to the right place, there is a lot of good info and smart people here. A lot of noise too but just like the markets I guess :)
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    I like your thinking HM, a welcome addition to ET.
  8. don't forget bluestreak
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  10. I am doing some daytrading myself.

    Steve Jobs did a good job today of talking up the NDX with a cellphone. Its almost funny. The NDX may even break out to fresh new highs tommorrow over a cellphone.

    Im researching some leads right now and I will give you a few that might turn into good daytrades...Im going through the conference call list and finding ones that will announce before or during the market...

    **MWBM - small float, low volume, **10AM****

    (I was responding to the other guy who deleted his message.)
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