The first crash resulted in the uptick rule now....

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Trendytrader, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Once the dust settles who to blame for the market meltdown.

    SEC are already working on this......hmmm lets see we could ban short selling....nah...ban short selling unless on uptick nah tried that....ban automated electronic trading....yes that's the answer we are going back to phone>broker>market maker>exchange. Also ban leverage no margin allowed.

    All buys/sells will need to be completed with actual stock certificates.

    Don't laugh all wonderful new regulations come from disasters, including financial disasters.
  2. What meltdown and disaster? We are 6.5% from all time high on major indexes.
  3. Where have you been?

    Cramer said it himself last Friday people on Wall Street are losing their jobs...hedge funds closing....even the 2IC from Bear Stearns lost his job last week...what does he tell the kids...he failed at work and was sacked?
  4. just amazing

    we actually had a NICE down day (beautiful day to trade futures).

    hardly some kind of massive selloff. not even 3% on the dow for pete's sake.

    calling this a "crash" is patently absurd