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    With support from MetaQuotes Software Corp., the first textbook on programming in MQL4 is now ready. You can read the book from the website free of charge.

    The book is intended for high readership interested in developing of automated trading programs for MetaTrader 4 Clent Terminal. At the same time, due to new terms introduced in it, the book will be interesting for experienced developers of automated trading systems.

    According to the book's author, Sergey Kovalyov, "development of applications for MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal requires the knowledge of MQL4. This present textbook will help you create your own Expert Advisors, scripts and indicators and incarnate in them your ideas - your algorithms of profitable trading."

    Nowadays, the advantages of automated trading - day-and-night operation with mass data and full automation of trading - are practically assured. Besides, an automated trading strategy assures the total absence of human factor in trading. For example, the recently conducted Automated Trading Championship 2007 demonstrated the opportunities provided by programming of traders' own strategies. The leader of the Championship increased his initial deposit 13 times within just 3 months! It is how to write your own trading strategy using MQL4 that is the topic of the new textbook.

    Considering active interest to automation of trading strategies taken abroad, we are also planning to provide translation of the book into English and into Chinese. As of today, you can translate the book into English using public translating machine.

    Table of Contents:
    - Preface
    - Table of Contents
    - Introduction to MQL4
    - Basics of the language
    - MetaEditor
    - Program in MQL4
    - Operators
    - Variables
    - Programming in MQL4
    - Trade Operations
    - Simple Programs in MQL4
    - Standard Functions
    - Creation of a Normal Program
    - About Complex Programs
    - Appendix
  2. Hi Fat, nothing appears via the link:
    'You can read the book from the website free of charge.'

    machine translation of the Russian language is not good

    given the quantity of English speaking traders in the world plus
    the fact that more of the larger brokers are finally starting to
    offer MetaTrader, it seems to me that it's in your interests and
    Sergey Kovalyov's to have a proper English translation made of the book
  3. Bump to Wallace's reply. There is nothing when clicking of the link. Agree a decent translation would be a good thing.