The first Blasphemer ?

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  1. Who was the first blasphemer?
    Who was the first accuser?

    Who's child are you?
    (Usually it is evident by what overflows the heart
    and forms words either in person or electronically
    and is recognized as those who bless and those who curse
    or operate in "Blame" and accusation.)

    Here is a little write-up (Below) I did in a company restructuring when I was called in to fire a CEO.

    Tell me what you think.

    Try not to blame or accuse or this rule applies:

    "Self preservation leads to self justification and then accusation
    in the natural course of iniquity carnality." Mark 8:35 For whosoever will
    save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my
    sake and the gospel's, the same shall save it.



    • From Fr, LL, Greek - to blaspheme or blasphemer
    • To Censure honour
    • To revile
    • To find fault with or express disapproval or reproach
    • Place culpability or hold responsibility on another
    • Used to disparage, abuse, degrade, depreciate or lower in rank.
    • Used to speak slightingly about.
    • Used to depreciate by indirect means or in comparison.
  2. Was there any Gregorian chanting involved?

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  3. LOL ... no ... I think there might be an HR rule against that.
  4. Interesting at the lack of Troll activity on this one.

    Could it be exposing too clearly a root nature?

    Interesting. :D
  5. I knew this guy once:

    an interesting story, if you can believe that

    "Matthew Rochte
    Executive Coach

    Getting to the Source of Sustainable Business "

    Yes, it's almost time to laugh again (i'll try to pinpoint precisely the moment when it's allowable)
  6. Interesting comment. Not all that sure what you mean.

    The idea of being positive and creating ones own view and destiny ... it isn't that far off because as a man thinks in their heart so are they.

    However there is a "positive thinking" that is little more than idolatry of oneself and ones thought life.

    The mind set to agree with the Spirit of God almighty thinks positive as well
    but the positive is based on humility versus pride ... and truth, one-ness
    and agreement of the heart wherein true morality is derived and
    based on agreement, love and honor ... versus judgmentalism.
  7. So ...