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  1. lojze


    How many of you, fellow traders, trade at all in the first 30 minutes?

    And in the pre- and after-market?

    Probably the percentage rises with experience ...

  2. I do pretty much all my trading in the first 30 minutes of trading. I'd say 70% in the first 30 minutes, 20% in the last 30 minutes and 10% in between. Been trading for many moons.
  3. daytr8r


    90% of my trading takes place within the first hour and the last hour. (no pre/after market trading)
  4. ES can be very profitable in the premarket after the 830 news announcements. Yesterday it was up, today drifted lower. Just wait for the knee-jerk spikes then grab the trend.
  5. lojze


    Yes, I have noticed spikes at around 8:15 to 8:30.

    What news announcements are then?


  6. 90 % of my trading done first 90 minutes. will occasionally take a 3:30 trade if i feel market set to make serious reversal
  7. i make almost all of my money by 9:45, and i'm usually done by 10, but i'll usually stay and watch the market and sit on my hands unless i see a trading opportunity i.e news,downgrade,warning,etc. If i trade again it's the last hour of the day.
  8. The usual suspects: CPI, weekly employment, business inventories, etc etc
  9. You should always be aware of news announcements if trading emini's. This should help.
  10. Well, today my system gave a signal to go long @897.0, with the target @906.0 and guess what happened? I scored 9pts. All that happened during the first 30 minutes. So (sometimes) it is a good time.

    I mean ES.
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